Recycling Site (Llandinam Car Park)

Llandinam Commnity Council have been operating a very successful recycling facility which has generated an income for the community for many years. We would like to thank residents for supporting this effort during this time.

We would like to inform you that since April 2019 the Large Green Waste bins have been removed from the car park. Whilst the Community Council fought hard to keep them, the battle has sadly been lost.

Green Waste bins are now available from PCC at a cost of £35 per year.

Recycling facilities for Cardboard are still being provided in the car park.

Please note: The Clothing/Shoes recycling bank, which generates income for Llandinam CP School is still sited within the Car Park.

FLY TIPPING is a problem in the car park which is being monitored and anyone caught doing so will be reported to the authorities

Please if anyone notices fly-tipping happening in our neighborhood, please do report to any of our Councillors giving registration numbers of vehicles and persons involved


Chairman Llandinam Community Council

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